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A lot has changed in a decade. But we stay true to our original mission - getting ideas from the lab into the field.

Steer Energy was founded in 2012 to 'get ideas from the lab into the field' for the energy industry across various specialities and disciplines.

The founders were frustrated by how the offshore sector handled innovation. For several reasons, the process appeared slow, cost-intensive, and wasn't designed to make disruptive technologies easily accessible.


Steer believed there was an opportunity to create a new way of developing technology. They approached it from a 'generalist' perspective, uncovering the problem at hand and bringing in specialists from different backgrounds to provide solutions.

The approach relies on viewing the problem through a different lens and generating creative ideas based on unique perspectives and approaches to the same problem.

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Fast forward ten years, and Steer Energy now works with clients ranging from micro-SMEs to large oil and gas operators and utility firms to many prominent players in specialist sectors. During this time, our co-creators have ranged from solo specialists to SMEs and universities.

We have now delivered around £6m of projects covering the innovation, development and commercialisation of new technology. And we're just getting started!

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