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We're committed to inspiring, developing and supporting our team.

As a company that seeks out creative ways of solving problems, we are aware of the significant advantages of having a workforce comprising different backgrounds and experiences.

So, although we're a micro-SME, we have proactively instigated an Equality and Diversity Policy to ensure that workforce equality is prioritised.

Team development

We actively support our team to be innovative and inquisitive and empower them to realise this in their day to day working.

We aim to develop our staff and equip them with the specialist knowledge they need by immersing them on the job and providing mentorship from senior staff members and associates. We encourage our staff to apply for Chartership and other training opportunities, where appropriate. We also provide formal CPD training wherever it is identified as desirable or necessary for the staff member's development.


Inspiring the next generation

We prioritise bringing on young individuals to provide them with valuable exposure to the energy sector and transferable skills for their future employment. A number of these individuals have gone on to study at top UK universities such as Bristol, Bath and Warwick.

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Flexible working

As part of our day-to-day work, we are acutely aware of the requirements for flexibility in working and responding appropriately to the health requirements of our staff. We ensure that we listen to our team members and provide them with a means of working that is appropriate for their circumstances.


Our Values

We have a documented manifesto which outlines our business and service philosophy. We believe that this aligns well with the overriding tenets of the Governmental Social Research Code, as it shows we are rigorous, impartial, relevant, accessible, outward-facing, and that we perform with integrity.

Read our manifesto, and see what we can bring to the table.


To ensure a broad perspective, we call upon a community of associated specialists who we can bring into specific projects when technical expertise outside of Steer's capabilities is required. The plan is to utilise these groups and individuals in both formal and informal ways during the project. We actively collaborate with partners as called upon by the project scope and engage with all stakeholders.

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