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Every day is a school day!

With customers from a whole range of sectors approaching us with unique and wide-ranging problems to solve, we are learning and expanding our understandings, capabilities and offerings.

We are getting ready for your challenge... across multiple sectors and areas!


  • Hydrogen
  • Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Medical
  • Offshore
  • Electricity
  • Water


Building on our work in the gas industry, we have applied our fluid mechanics and material science backgrounds, alongside our practical and pragmatic testing abilities, to develop new hydrogen transportation and distribution methods.


From robotics to sealants to customer interactions to new tools, we have worked on support projects with many clients across the gas industry to ensure they maintain safe and efficient operations.


By breaking down problems into manageable bite-sized pieces and applying engineering and scientific knowledge to solve problems in challenging environments, our community of technologists collaborates with our nuclear clients to address their challenges.


Bringing our diverse range of skills and cross-industry learnings to the medical sector, we have helped develop some exciting technologies that have the potential to save lives across the world.


Our team has significant experience working on several different project types in offshore and hazardous environments. In this arena, we have worked with various clients - from worldwide operators to local start-ups.


Transferring learnings from our previous work in utilities, our involvement in the electricity sector combines our cross-industry experience with our drive to find innovative and impactful solutions.


Developing technologies and strategies for locating, sealing and preventing leaks, we have the experience required to assure companies that the water industry's infrastructure will remain safe and secure.

We have also worked on projects to assist with operational challenges, such as street works.

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Explore our work below

At Steer Energy, we're proud to be "technology agnostic" - laser-focused on the solution rather than shoe-horning a specific product to "suit" your requirements.

This means that sometimes the outcomes of our projects are different processes, product variations, or "keep doing what you are doing".

That being said, sometimes our customer's unique and wide-ranging problems lead to the development of some new tools that will benefit others.

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HVGET splash

High Volume Gas Escape Toolkit

High Volume Gas Escapes (HVGE), although uncommon, pose a risk to individuals and infrastructure in their vicinity. HVGEs are often caused by third party damage, but it is the GDN’s responsibility to remedy the situation safely and quickly.

Hy4 Heat splash


Run by Arup and Kiwa Gastec, the overall project was to establish if it is technically possible and safe to replace methane with hydrogen in commercial and residential buildings and gas appliances.

Streetscore splash


The public, including those on the Priority Services Register, often find journeys through and around street works a challenge. This project looked to investigate processes, products, and technologies that could be used to improve the journeys of individuals through the street works, and prevent people being put into vulnerable situations.

Valvecare splash


National Grid has approx. 9500 Valves (8” and above), many of which are over 40 years old and in varying degrees of repair. Many of these need intervention to maintain their usefulness in the transmission network.

Hy Purge splash


The HyPurge project aimed to explore the comparative challenges in purging gas network pipes to hydrogen compared to purging to Natural Gas.

Whystle splash


An elegant audio device for indicating the start, transition and end of a gas purge