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The People Behind Steer Energy

Our dynamic team of free-thinking, unassuming, highly-intelligent experts have the scientific knowledge, technological expertise, and creative flair to find the right solution.

This trustworthy, down-to-earth, patient bunch challenges the status quo and has fun doing it. Comprising scientists, engineers and designers, the team relishes learning and collaborating, approaching every project with curiosity, a committed intensity to finding a solution, and a serious ambience of fun.

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Director, Head of Technology

Nick has spent time in academia and industry and has been involved in technology transfer and R&D in the energy sector since 1997. He has worked on a range of different technologies and disciplines from electromagnetic compatibility, remote leak sealing and location technologies and tooling to managing ageing infrastructure. More recently he has led Steer's development and research work into becoming a trusted hydrogen expertise provider, supporting government, Gas Distribution Networks and technology developers in safety evidence and operational requirements.

During lockdown, he was a founder member of the Exovent team and developed a number of prototype negative pressure ventilators, one of which is being used by the medical team at University College Hospitals London to further research into this process.

Nick is experienced in running multi-disciplined groups where there is a high degree of collaboration between the participating parties. This leads to all members being directly and fully informed during investigations, understanding their responsibilities and able to contribute to the wider success of the work.

Lead (Design) Engineer

Mike completed his MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Strathclyde University in 2013 before moving up to Aberdeen to start his engineering career. He has worked for international oilfield service companies on a range of products in the fields of subsea controls, wireline winches, pressure control equipment and flowline valves. He's worked on several new product development projects, taking products from concept, detail design, build, test and finally out to field trial. Mike enjoys the challenge of working away at a new problem and getting his hands dirty in the workshop.

Head of Design

John has been working in product and service design for 23 years. Having spent the first part of his career working in Telecoms, he moved to the Oil and Gas industry, working for a number of service and technology companies. Author of several patents related to flow control, energy generation and pipeline intervention, he has an inquisitive mind and seeks to challenge and improve. As part of the Steer Team he has continued to develop new technology and services for a wide range of clients.

Senior Development Engineer

Sebastian is an experienced project manager and mechanical engineer, with a demonstrated history of managing high value projects in Oil & Gas, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering industries. He has been involved in a variety of innovation and hydrogen research projects for Steer, both from a technical and organisational perspective. His projects have included ground up innovation and tool development, product testing, scientific experimentation, data, and theoretical analysis.


James has extensive experience in the renewables technology industry and experience of technical and commercial responsibility for a number of Hydrogen related consultancy projects. James has also led safety and compliance reviews of disruptive hydrogen technologies and managed extensive test programmes of gas industry technology.

In addition to providing project management, commercial support and technical insight, James applies his analytical nature, technical rigour and robust approach regarding quality to all activities.

Senior R&D Engineer

Abubakr started his career after obtaining a degree in physics from the University of Southampton at a semiconductor equipment manufacturer developing processes for plasma vapour deposition and etch machines utilising various gases and enhancing the vacuum capabilities of the equipment. He then went on to research quantum memory which could be used in quantum computing in the future, which involved careful control of cryogenic equipment using helium. Prior to joining Steer, he worked in the fibre communication industry in the test department overlooking the testing of on chip lasers, receivers and detectors.

Research and Development Scientist

Since gaining a degree in Physics with Nanotechnology, Nick has been involved in a wide range of projects at Steer including Hy4Heat, H100 and Hydrogen Skills and Standards. He is experienced in the design and execution of test programmes, analysis of results, the development of physical and mathematical theory, and presentation of results.

Director, Founder

Iain is a founder of Steer, and has a MEng from the University of Aberdeen and an MSc in New Venture Creation from Glasgow Caledonian University. He has been involved with research throughout his career, first as a Research Assistant in the Environmental and Industrial Fluid Mechanics Research Group (University of Aberdeen), then commissioning work in his role at Brinker Technology and now Steer.

Iain was awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship in 2001, and was a founding member of the Young Academy of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2011 – 2016). He is also a member of the Energy Innovation Centre’s Innovator Impact Panel.

Iain provides a blend of real-world entrepreneurial experience, knowledge and understanding of technology company start-ups, as well as significant experience in developing and commercialising pioneering technologies.


Kate has experience in financial management in the education, charity and business sectors. She has worked with Steer since its inception in 2013. Alongside this work, she provides support to a local Foodbank in Gloucestershire. Prior to working with Steer, Kate worked in the university sector, with a specific remit in strategic planning and marketing.

Development Engineer

Michael is an experienced product developer with 10 years experience of mechanical systems. Having worked his way through the apprenticeship scheme with an international oilfield services company, designing, building and testing equipment, he then progressed to undertaking significant field work. Since joining Steer, Michael has brought a wealth of hands-on ability as well as deep field experience operating pressurised equipment.

Senior Research and Development Consultant

As a project manager and test engineer, Shane has over 30 years experience in coal research, energy consultancy projects, gas quality projects and testing and certification of gas, oil, and electrical appliances. He has been involved with research throughout his career, first at the British Coal Research Establishment, before moving onto Kiwa, British Gas, and now Steer.


We're always on the lookout for curious, collaborative and confident people to join us in solving complex problems and delivering innovative solutions.

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