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How can we help?

Our agile and experienced team is primed and ready to engage with your challenge no matter where you are in the journey.

So whether you have no idea where to start or you're just seeking an external viewpoint, our wide-ranging services can help get you on track to doing the right thing.

Our Approach

Curiosity is at the centre of our approach to any project.

And the fear of failure can play no part in being truly curious. Instead, we need to be comfortable spending the right amount of time "living in the wrong" before finding the solution.

Having the ability to explore different (and potentially wrong) avenues allows us to gather more ideas. So when we come to solve the problem, we have many more options than if we had stuck to colouring inside the lines!

We know we can adopt this kind of thinking because our work is based on understanding the real problem from the outset.

We build people-centred client relationships on our collaborative journey by being relational, not transactional. So we always get to the heart of the problem without assuming, guessing or pigeon-holing.

We can challenge the status quo, knowing we are not restricted by red tape and bureaucratic thinking. And, of course, we always work within the first principles of science and good design - the linchpins of our methodology.

Being insatiably curious, committing intensely to finding a solution and having fun are the components that help us do what we do so well.

We have a number of competencies that we draw on for almost all of our projects:

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Scientific Research

We provide fundamental research with particular expertise in fluid mechanics and material science and their interaction with the real world.

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Real World Testing

Our range of testing capabilities covers both fluid mechanics and material science. In short, we know what to test, when to test, and why we should test.


Problem Definition

A high number of our projects start with an immersive approach to understanding the problem and challenge – this will often involve us challenging commonly held assumptions. This makes sure that when we begin to design and develop solutions, they are the right ones.

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Fundamental Product Design and Development

From idea to prototype to finished product, we have the skills and experience to deliver at all stages of the design process.

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Engineering and Market Support

We've learnt our commercial craft at the coal face and now have a range of ways to help organisations and companies engage with and understand new markets for their products.

Our Process

What does working with Steer look like?

You will find us relational and collaborative - we see huge benefits in the final delivery with early and frequent engagement, communication and check-ins. We want your problem to be our problem.

Depending on what type of challenge you are looking to address, we have different “patterns” or structures of work:

  • Need early stage ignition on a project? Let's use a sprint-style project - a focused four or eight weeks with a small team.
  • Need some fundamental research carried out? We will construct a project that allows for the right amount of literature review, development of theory, experimentation, with review and recommendations, making sure that what you get out is something useful, rather than "interesting".
  • Need a new tool? Ok, let's make sure that we are fixing the right problem, and we are clear on what it is we are doing before spending too much time and money.

Our team is well versed in going from the desk to the lab to the trenches to the boardroom. We know the different pressures and constraints at the different points, and can help navigate them.

So, get in touch and let's start speaking!