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High Volume Gas Escape Toolkit

High Volume Gas Escapes (HVGE), although uncommon, pose a risk to individuals and infrastructure in their vicinity. HVGEs are often caused by third party damage, but it is the GDN’s responsibility to remedy the situation safely and quickly.

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In effect, there are three issues that need responding to:

• Removing risk of explosion etc. to public and contractors.

• Mitigating the consequences of the loss of gas.

• Ensuring continuation of supply to customer.


Developing the solution

SGN commissioned Steer to develop appropriate tools for addressing these challenges.

A workgroup of over 40 relevant participants was assembled to support the project. Steer worked to develop a long list of solutions, considering different pipe damage and methods of application. These ideas were explored through a combination of testing and workgroup engagement. This iterative, operational-led design continued refining the concepts into "tool families", aimed at the most common incidents with a strong potential for success.


The HVGE Toolkit

The final delivered solution was a HVGE Toolkit, containing three different tools and a common control hub.


A remote means of placing a repair clamp over the exposed and damaged pipe.


A remotely placed external patch with internally locking legs to fix the cover in place over the pipe.


This has two variants; the first aimed at severed small bore pipes such as standpipes and services, and a second aimed at torn out fitting leaving a regular circular aperture.


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